Industrial activity, bits of tires, soil together with car debris form a hazardous environment for our daily existence.

According to a US study published in 2018 (, exposure to dust can, in the long run cause all kinds of health issues, including respiratory ones.

British Columbia is certainly experiencing some of the hottest weather in history. Roads, parking lots and worksites are drier and dustier than usual. Worker’s safety can be compromised with unusual amount of dust.

Cassian can help in controlling dust particles, improve air quality and control harmful emissions, using our Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) system. Essentially, this is a hygroscopic salt that draws moisture from the air to form a solution that keeps road surfaces constantly damp. This is valid even in hot, dry conditions. The moisture helps to bind particles together to create a hard and compact road surface. Because it penetrates several inches into the road base, it increases road surface stability.

At Cassian, we are all about creating a safe and dust free environment. Our solutions are eco-friendly and have been deployed in a lot of residential, commercial and industrial settings.

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