Brine! What is it? and why do we use it?

We pride ourselves on using the most effective environmental products when serving our customers. We have used salt and brine for the past several years now we are progressing and using more brine. A study sponsored by the NYSDOT determined that, “In recent years, there has been a growing transition from reactive strategies to more proactive strategies.” Combined with accurate weather forecasts, anti-icing (Brine) is a more proactive techniq [...]

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Dust – one of the most ignored health hazard

Industrial activity, bits of tires, soil together with car debris form a hazardous environment for our daily existence. According to a US study published in 2018 (, exposure to dust can, in the long run cause all kinds of health issues, including respiratory ones. British Columbia is certainly experiencing some of the hottest weather in history. Roads, parking lots and worksites are drier [...]

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