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    Why you should contact us? With over 15 years in snow removal, Cassian has earned a reputation for getting the job done.

    We know that snow management can be daunting but not for Cassian. We plan ahead for winter and make sure our fleet of equipment is in tip-top condition. In addition to that, we make sure our staff is well trained in dealing with:

    • Weather monitoring
    • Snow management
    • De-icing (brining and salting)
    • Lot, walkway, and step management

    However, YETI, is the key aspect that sets us apart from others. We designed it in order to keep us on track and ensure our clients get the services they expect. YETI is used to take before and after treatment photos of your site every visit, so you’ve got proof we did the job.
    Besides that, we are very proud to mention that our in house software is used by snow contractors across North America and the UK.

    Questions regarding snow removal or our other services? Our staff is available to answer your queries 24/7. Therefore don’t hesitate, contact us now. We will be more than happy to assist you.

    In conclusion, here are ten reasons why Cassian should be your go to snow management expert:

    1. Seasoned snow management experts with 15 years of experience
    2. $5million commercial general liability insurance/WorkSafe Compliant/ComplyWorks Member
    3. Expansive fleet of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment
    4. Always put you first and offer 24/7 support during the snow season
    5. Use YETI leading-edge technology to manage your services efficiently
    6. Manage properties from North Vancouver to Boston Bar
    7. Flexible pricing packages: seasonal, on-call, and hourly to meet your needs
    8. Before and after site treatment photos and service reports protect your liability
    9. Tried and tested standard operating procedures and trained crew to keep your facilities clean and safe
    10. Specialize in servicing large multi-location government, industrial, and commercial facilities